Since moving to the UK from Belgium in 2014, Yorgo Glynatsis, the CEO and Founder of House of Glynatsis Productions has been making waves as a storyteller. After years of working as an actor, he has discovered a formidable voice behind the camera as a director. The artist is passionate about championing social causes through cinema. Given his diverse background of being half Italian and Greek, he advocates the authentic representation of British ethnic communities through the LGBTQIA+ lens.

His highly acclaimed semi-biographical film Trigger, (in which he features and directs) streaming on Amazon Prime, Apple TV+ as part of These Untold Stories and on Here TV and is a testament to his persistence towards societal discourses.

With a talented cast including Judwaa 2’s Robby Khela, Glynatsis plays a European actor and flight attendant who encounters disturbing questions from a casting agent, evoking his memories from a traumatic past. The 10-minute short was nominated at the British and International film festivals and won the Best International Short Film at the Fuse International Film Festival in Kingston, London.

Other accomplishments include co-directing the short docuseries, Well Proud, for Metro Charity. The movie touches on pertinent topics like mental health and wellbeing through the perspective of the LGBTQ+ Black and Global Majority community members in East London’s Lewisham area. It won the Best Short Documentary trophy at The South London Film Festival. The film was nominated at the BAFTA Qualifying Iris Prize Film Festival, based in Cardiff and the Charity Film Awards.

Glynatsis says: “As a film director, my passion lies in crafting narratives that resonate deeply, sparking introspection and fostering understanding. I am driven to illuminate impactful, thought-provoking stories and authentically represent the diverse and complex spectrum of human experience. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community with a mixed European ethnic background, I see storytelling as my form of activism—a means to amplify voices that have long been silenced and marginalised. By centering diversity and representation in my work, I strive to be the change I wish to see in the world.

In the words of Gandhi, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ —and through filmmaking, I endeavour to do just that.”

With such a growing and compelling body of work, Yorgo is pursuing film festival premieres for his upcoming titles this year. Among them is the British Greek Cypriot short, Koupepia. It stars Olivier-nominated actor Peter Polycarpou, Sophia Vi, internet sensation Alexander Theo and Channel 4 Screw actor Nathan Vaughan-Harris. The movie centres on a widower coming to terms with his son’s homosexuality during an unexpected meeting with a Transgender woman. Another film, gearing up for the festival circuit this year is Unravel. This poignant co-direction with newcomer Maxime Bonett about healing will also be going for the festival circuit sometime this year. Glynatsis is also in the process of developing his debut feature film. Current acting credits include the web series Inquisitors, The Adopters and the award-winning feature film Remi Milligan: Lost Director directed by Sam Lodato. With great optimism and dedication, the artist is paving a trailblazing journey.

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