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Aman Dhillon

Aman Dhillon
Founder & Director

Founding director Aman Dhillon set up ReelN Ltd in 2021. Aman has a wealth of experience in leading high-quality educational and entertainment events from grassroots to events at BAFTA, BFI, and the House of Lords, which has had a particular focus on South Asia…

Anuj Radia
Guest Journalist & Host

Anuj Radia is an independent entertainment journalist/presenter based in London. He founded www.filmeshilmy.com in 2018 and has since evolved in to becoming a popular outlet which covers the latest film news, reviews, features and interviews. He has interviewed…

Bhaskar Choudhury
Podcast, Interview Host & Event Management (Midlands)

Although an engineer by day, Bhaskar Choudhury has been involved with South Asian arts from a young age, being a part of the Sampad production of Heer Ranjha at the Midlands Art Centre as a musician…

Dafne Mistrangelo
Writer & Event Management

Born in Italy but raised in China and later India, Dafne Mistrangelo is an international artist. In 2020 she graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts…

Gavin Winship
Writer & Host (North)

Gavin Winship writes for Community Voices FM among other outlets, covering events, film reviews and personal interviews with creative people. In addition to journalism, he also DJs, provides voice-overs and models.

Kate Pole
PR, Writer & Event Management

Kate is a member of the ReelN planning team, putting her ten years of admin experience to good use by assisting with event planning and volunteer management. She has…

Roshni Sedani
Event Management

Roshni is a member of the ReelN Events and Volunteering team. She has 20 years of customer service experience, 12 years in management and admin skills from…

Sammy Hussain
E-newsletter, Writer & Event Management

Sammy Hussain is a dedicated secondary educator by day, but beyond the classroom, she is more than happy to become the student and consume as much cinematic wisdom…

Shraiyash Uniyal
Event Management

Shraiyash is a dynamic professional with a Level 7 MBA, who seamlessly blends his passion into 9-to-5. As someone who enjoys exploring the world through various…

Shweta Shukla Profile Image

Shweta Shukla
Photographer & Videographer

Shweta is a published fashion and lifestyle photographer and videographer known for candid and authentic approach. With a background in film, she blends her passion for…

Tiyanna Mistry
Writer, Marketing & Event Management (North)

Tiyanna is a freelance journalist, poet, and writer. Whilst working as a freelance writer and on the event management team for ReelN, she has written for various publications such as The Courier, DESIblitz, and The Great Central Gazette.

Reeln Ambassadors

Ahmareen Anjum

Ahmareen Anjum is an experienced actress, having worked on feature films, ads, short films, and theatre. Ahmareen’s latest release is the Telugu blockbuster ‘RRR’ where she plays the character of Loki, and the upcoming release Chakda ‘Xpress, with Anushka Sharma.

Danny Sura

Danny Sura has worked across all platforms including stage, film, video on demand, television and more. 2023 was Danny’s most prolific year yet, seeing the release of ‘IB71’ starring Vidyut Jammwal and Anupam Kher…

Prataya Saha

Prataya Saha is an independent filmmaker, Tedx performer, theatre director & photographer based out of India and Dubai. His films have been selected in 98 film festivals worldwide, winning 28 awards in 14 countries, including…

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